Monday, June 15, 2009

Drivers reviving and dolphins

Leaving Adelaide in the pouring rain, we stopped at Port Germein. We took the fishing gear out onto the longest wooden jetty in Australia. Carrying all our stuff down the end - 1532m from the shore - we set up. We were joined by three dolphins that splashed and played under and around the jetty for about ten minutes. That was certainly the highlight for me, coz yet again we didn’t catch any fish! The kilometre and a half walk back in the dark, cold drizzle was not so much fun either.

That night we stayed at Lincoln Gap, under the watchful eye of three gregarious ladies at the Driver Reviver station. Plying the kids with Milo, homemade cakes and nut mix at 10pm, they had a tour through the bus and entertained us with local stories until we really had to go to bed. The next morning we were greeted by the shift change. The ladies had gone to sleep in the caravan out the back, and two men were on the kettle. More coffee, Milo, lollypops and cakes were handed around, and further stories from the colourful chaps made the morning very amusing.

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