Monday, June 15, 2009

Big pillows and new teeth

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It’s been AGES since my last entry. So much has happened since we last had an internet connection (…gotta love Vodafone!)

The kids returned to Adelaide as seasoned air travellers. On their return we were able to show them some cool places around Adelaide, but to be honest I think they enjoyed the jumping pillows at the caravan park as much as anything!! Think 5m x 20m inflatable pillows that you can jump and flip and somersault on for hours – even Trucky and I brushed off our gymnastic skills and had a go!

While in the caravan park, we met heaps of great people. Barry and Fleur, with their kids Mason and Baxter, were travelling from Fremantle to Cairns. Thanks Fleur for our great haircuts. We also met some fellow bus nuts – Roy in his work-in-progress Hino ‘AVNFUN’ and Steve and Fiona in the Denning ‘RUN’A’MUCK’ with the awesome disco floor. Thanks to all for your offers of places to stay, and tips and pointers for places to see along the way.

I’d highly recommend Adelaide Shores Caravan Park to anyone (especially those travelling with kids) who need a base in Adelaide. The amenities were new and very well designed, the playgrounds, pools, and pillows entertained all age groups, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. It literally backs right onto West Beach, is about five minutes by car or easily bike-accessible from Glenelg, and not far from the city.

Our stay in Adelaide was extended a few more days following a chance meeting with Joe, a dental prosthetist with personality – his motto “We make them, you break them, we fix them”. Seeing the appalling state of Trucky’s dentures, he made Operation No-More-Superglue a priority. In four days Trucky had a brand new set of choppers that look great, actually fit and perform as designed. (Joe and Frank’s 0414 341 820)

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