Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you CMCA Riverlanders!

Following the advice of Dennis and Cherie who we met the night before at the border, we decided to stay the 23/5 at Mannum, on the Murray River. When we pulled up into the campsite right on the water, we were surprised to find about 40 other motorhomes there. It turns out the Riverlanders chapter of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia ( were having a monthly meet there too. They immediately made us so welcome. We are already used to being a bit of a spectacle (we're almost 60' long and significantly younger than most of the other MHers) but here we felt like we'd found some kindred spirits. Everyone had a tour through the bus (our kids as tour guides) and then we joined them all in the big tent they'd set up for happy hour. [This photo is Keith and his motorhome "Uneek" - and it was!] We blew up the dinghy and the kids went out on the Murray (cold!!) for a paddle.We tethered them on a rope about 50m long, so they could be reeled in if needed.

We spent the morning with the boat and the jetski on the river. The kids even went swimming. We had planned to into Adelaide for the next few days, but following the advice of our new friends, we decided to stay in Mannum and take Terry (the 4wd) into town instead. We had a brilliant afternoon and evening with Rosie in Bridgewater, and came home very late.

25/5 We woke up late to a knock at the bus door. Elsie from the CMCA said they'd organised a private tour over the paddlesteamer 'Murray Princess' - leaving in ten minutes! A big scramble to get ready, but so worth it. Bobby the entertainer on the ship (and also a CMCA member) took us through the whole ship. It was fascinating. We're all keen to have a cruise on it now!

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