Monday, May 25, 2009

Horsham and almonds

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So much has happened. I can't believe it's been less than two weeks since we left home! We had a huge day in Sovereign Hill, panning for gold, travelling 30m underground on a gold mine tour, watching musket fire displays and the Red Coat soldiers. All five of us had an awesome time, and learned so much about this part of our history.

Because we lost a couple of travelling days with the bus in the shop, we had to make a few changes to our proposed itinerary. We left Ballarat without getting to the Eureka Stockade (I'm disappointed but I'm sure we'll return), and instead of heading south and seeing the Great Ocean Road and Mt Gambier we went inland.

22/5 Horsham was great fun, with a bbq on the river bank and then all five of us (yes, Meredith, even me!) on pushbikes exploring. We met a lovely couple (Garry and Betty) who let us fill up our water tanks from their bore, as the whole area is in drought and there's no public access water anywhere.

That night we stayed right on the Vic/SA border. There we met up with some more travellers. The kids put on a show for us, singing and dancing. Very amusing! The next morning we crossed over the highway (on foot) and went to Lockhart Almonds ( There we stocked up on yummies like fresh almonds and pumpkin seeds, even milk and free range eggs. The lovely gent serving gave us some just baked almond biscuits he'd made, so we had to buy a bag of them too. I highly recommend a stop there if you're in the area.

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